Friday, June 29, 2012


Its that time.  The time when I have so much I could write about but no time to do it.  I could write a looooong post every single day with all that's going on.  So here is the condensed and illustrated version:

So far, I would have to say that this is my best year ever for the garden.  Things have gotten planted more or less on time and things are coming up.  The garden is a lot of work but I am feeling rather proud of it this year.  There's already lots to do.

 This morning I harvested the calendula.  When I am finished writing this, I will go make salve with it.

But there is lots of other stuff going on in the garden, too.  Tomatoes to stake....


 Beds to weed.  There are actually 5 cantelope plants in there.... honest.

My favourite kind of zucchini ready to pick...  yum

I created this bed this year.  Just a little bean tipi with spaghetti squash in the middle (and a lot of weeds...)
Wee peppers
Rhiannon's cherry tomatoes.  She's already eaten several
Cherries!  Most the cherry trees around here are LOADED!  We just need some sun to turn them red!

Riotous flower pot and a close up of some Malva that I started from seed.  The picture showed white with purple but this pink is pretty, too.

Harvested herbs.  I am currently drying nettle, lemon balm, mint and oregano.
Newest litter of Satin Angoras.
Marshmallow who is mother and grandmother to the others except for the white one.  These are our replacement meat does growing out in the rabbit tractor.

Growing lambs.  Remember these?  Here are Falafal, Olaf and Rosemary in the background.
And here are the last two on the left.  Astrid there in the middle and her brother, Cydri on the left and handsome Renauld walking towards me.  They are busy eating down the burdock before it blooms in the portable electric mesh fence.
And here is what is left of my layer flock.  2 families of raccoons have killed just less than half my flock.  A guy who traps them is supposed to come and set up some traps.  In the meantime, there is Zeus in the background warding off all raccoons.  There have been no losses since he started hanging out there.