Monday, February 27, 2006

A Dream

I had a dream while I was dozing for a just a couple of minutes in my sick bed last evening. In the dream I was at a friend's house (don't remember who) when there came a knocking at the door. It was Laura and I was very surprised to see her and I hugged her. Then Martha came around the corner and I said, "Did Laura pick you up?" (as in gone to get her from Cranbrook because she was leaving Ethan again). She said "no, Doug bought me a plane ticket. I thought you knew." And I hugged her and then Doug came down the walk from his van and I hugged him, too, at the same time. It was a very nice dream. As for why the rest of you weren't in it, I don't know. Maybe I woke up to fast. I kept thinking about it because it felt so good.

Feeling better today. Still sick but more bearable. I woke up this morning with my pj's so drenched that it was like I had put them on right out of the washing machine. Weird. Completely soaked from head to toe.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Sick and Okanagan Star Search

Well, I finally got that flu thing (not the throwing up one - the achey, run over by a steam roller and cough like you are losing a chunk of your lung one). Rhiannon was waking me up 3 - 4 times a night and coughing all over me. I got really tired and run down and I got sick. I hope it is true and that because I have been taking my royal jelly all along, that I am not as sick as I would be. But who can really tell? I did pick up that Cold FX that (I think it was) Amy mentioned in the fall. It did definitely help. I am feeling better now, just got the head cold thing going on.

Despite my sickness, I dragged myself out of bed yesterday and went with Erin to Kelowna where she was entered in Okanagan Star Search. The prize is $1000 and some other perks that she is not so interested in. There were 10 contestants. There were going to advance 3. There were 4 judges - local musicians and music industry types. She did the Fugee's version of Killing Me Softly and Natalie Imbruglia's (sp?) Torn. They were judged on appearance, stage presence, relating to the audience and vocal ability. So she followed the awesome performance (I think the girl was drunk...) The girl was all over the stage and very energetic. (she got first). Erin hardly moved - mostly looked absolutely terrified. Yet, her vocal ability blew everyone else away. She was about 3x louder than anyone else. So they critisized her on her stage presence. But she showed her true musical ability -like the Fugee's track is basically just bass and drums and she had perfect pitch through the entire thing. The Natalie Imbruglia song showed her vocal dynamics and her range. She came in third. She is advanced to the semi finals which are March 11. One of the judges gave her some tips afterwards - telling her that she didn't have to move all over the stage like the other girl - she just had to relax and have fun up there.

It was very fun to be there and hang out with her friends - two who came with her. I was very proud of my girl!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The good ol' hockey game

I realized that I forgot to mention the hockey game. Highlight of my trip, right? Well, it is rather funny - I thought you would all get a kick out of it. It wasn't the flames. The Flames played on Wednesday. We went to a game the NEXT night. It was the Calgary Hitmen against the Red Deer Rebels. We did have good seats but they weren't the 'publisher's box' (they were directly across from the publisher's box, though, so the numbers were similar and she was mistaken). Our seats were quite close to the ice - just behind and over from Red Deer's box. And you know, that close, I couldn't tell what was happening. I am used to being able to see the entire rink like on tv... There were two Sutters on the Red Deer team and it was being coached by a Sutter (one of the Sutter brothers who played in the NHL). So, I tried to get out of going to the game when I found out it wasn't the Flames but... Sheila would hear nothing of it. It was fun, anyways. The Rebels won. But I chuckled to myself and thought that you would all laugh at me. I didn't take a book afterall.

But wasn't it great to see the women take gold at the Olympics? I love the watching the Olympics although I haven't had much time. It is the only kind of sports that I enjoy watching on TV. I did watch most of that gold medal match. Although, I started doing other things once the score was 4-0. It wasn't really close. I loved watching it for the 'girl power' of it all. I thought their skating and puck handling was pretty good. Why don't we pay women mega bucks to play hockey? Why?

Kaetlyn is making Chinese Fried Rice tonight. She learned how in home ec. I have never cooked it myself. It is sure nice having someone else cook!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

My Calgary Trip

Okay, last installment of my backwards journey and then I am up to date.

So, we took the all night bus to Calgary. It was awful for 3 reasons. 1. It was hot and I had prepared for it to be cold and I hate being too hot and stuffy when I am sleeping. 2. The new ergodynamic seats are not comfortable to lay across as they are slightly 'bucket-ed' - so you get the place where the two seats meet digging into you. 3. I couldn't really sleep with Rhiannon on a separate seat - because what if something happened to her while I was asleep? Andrew had the same problems and when he thought I was asleep, he couldn't sleep because he was worried about Rhiannon, too. What a kind boy I have! Rhiannon however, slept soundly the whole way there. I am sure that was a blessing!

Sheila picked us up around 5:30 and we piled into her truck and headed towards the SW of Calgary where my friend, Ronni lives. We had breakfast at a Humpty's and I was surprisingly hungry. I am usually not hungry in the morning but I guess staying awake for most of the night increases one's appetite. Then we headed to Ronni's which was near by. I was at Ronni's until Friday evening. I love hanging out with Ronni. We talked, we laughed, we just had a great time being around each other. The only thing is that it is always hard to leave her. I always wish that we lived closer. I did get some shopping in at Value Village (right across the street). We got Andrew 7 pairs of jeans. Lets see how long those last... And I did get myself a couple of things and we got Rhiannon a winter jacket - her zipper completely broke just as we were leaving for Calgary. I love Value Village!

Sheila picked us up with her twin sister, Barb in the Hummer that she had rented for their birthday (Feb 11). It was very fun to ride in - there is certainly lots of leg room in the back! Sheila had a work party the next day and some other friends came over and we worked on her place. Mostly we worked on doors. She had got all new doors for her place - doors that needed to be chiselled and drilled. I am now a very good chiseller... (but I didn't start that way!) We went to see Curious George (Sheila's favourite book) that night. It was cute - I hightly recommend it for all of your children. On Sunday, Sheila and Barb played ball hockey (floor hockey?) and we went to the zoo with some other friends. Rhiannon and I loved the zoo. Andrew was not quite so impressed. We saw a baby hippo and it is always just so awesome to see live giraffes and zebras and elephants and the lions put on quite a show! And I love to see the Bison (and a little sad, too) and imagine how they once roamed the prairies...

We did more work on Monday. It was rather hilarious. Barb was gone so it was just Sheila and I and we struggled all day with this one door. We just kept making mistake after mistake - first it was upside down, then one of the hinges was on backwards, then the screw came out, etc., etc. In the end, we were laughing so hard... And then we were on our way back home on Tuesday morning.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

My Valentine

So, more on the backwards journey... I got home from Calgary on the bus at 3:35 to be picked up by my husband. We don't generally do much for Valentine's Day - we both kind of see it as a commercial holiday. But he had missed me and he was leaving early the next day to Whistler where Redfish was playing. So he had arranged for us to go out for dinner. We came home and I checked all my messages and my 1, 000, 000 e-mails and glanced quickly at some blogs and then got ready for dinner. I wore a little black skirt (not that little) and a red sweater. I did my hair in a bun as I am hair challenged. (I've never been able to do it the way you did, Laura. It is NOT easy for me! It sounds simple when you describe it and it seemed simple when you did it but it ends up looking like a lump on my head when I do it. I spent too much time doing yours and Katie's and Martha's hair and not enough time learning to do my own...) And I was all ready and I was waiting for Dean. And I was having those uncharitable thoughts like Katie did about Brent and the jello because I was waiting and I am not very patient sometimes. So I called downstairs "well, if you're not really into it..." That was the wrong thing to say (or perhaps the right thing as things turned out...). I hurt his feelings. But of course, being a guy, he got mad. So then we are in the car, being mad and driving around trying to get in the right mood to go out for dinner (or else what is the point? The point is not eating but being together). And we are both talking and both rather mad. Then finally something shifted. And he told me that I hurt his feelings (not in those exact words but in more manly words) and went on to tell me how much he had missed me and how lonely he had been without me and how sometimes he just needs to be near me. How he was sad to be leaving the next day even though it was to a primo gig, he just wasn't into it and wished he could stay home. And how much I mean to him.

It was the sweetest thing. It meant so much to me. And I hate to admit it but I was a little surprised to hear how I had hurt his feelings - to hear that I could affect him that way. I guess because guys act differently, maybe we don't realize how our uncharitable behaviour affects them. It meant so much to me to hear him say those things. He seldom talks like that and puts it into words without me prodding him first. So we went out for dinner feeling very close and had a great meal and very meaningful conversation. It was probably more meaningful than it would have been if I had not been impatient in the first place... I love my husband and I am very grateful to have him in my life. He is such a blessing - such a gift. He loves me well.

Ski Tales

Well, I have lots to share but I will start with the most recent and work backwards. Sorry to all of you chonological people...

Rhiannon and I had our second xcountry lesson yesterday. We had a different teacher who was really good and we both learned a lot. And it was a beautiful day. The sun was shining and the snow was so sparkly - with those giant flakes that look like sparkly pablum. Then we had our lunch and visited with other homeschoolers. Then Rhiannon and I went skiing together - just the two of us. Rhiannon was doing really well. She hardly fell at all. I would let her ski ahead of me and then I would pass her and wait so that I got a bit of a work out. I loved the feeling of my quads working and pulling and stretching. It was a satisfying feeling. The xcountry trails at Silver Star are really poorly marked so we were just happily going along when we discovered that we were actually on a blue trail (intermediate). It got very hilly. Rhiannon said "This is not cross country skiing, it is uphill skiing". It was. It really was. At one point, Rhiannon had taken off her skis to walk up yet another hill. I had one of her skis and she had the other. Then she dropped it and it skidded away in the track very fast. She ran after it. Couldn't catch it. Lay down weeping. I took off my skis and climbed down to get it. I guess it wanted a little ski on its own. It wasn't that far. Then we climbed to the top of that hill and lay down in a snow bank. There was no one around. It was so quiet and still. We could just hear the wind softly in the trees. It was beautiful. We enjoyed it for awhile and then continued. We ended going down quite a few hills. And I did okay. I was really scared at first but I did alright and the more often I went down a hill, the more confident I was. This week the snow was easier to handle and I was able to stop with both legs.

We were 3 hours on that trail before we made it back to the village. Boy we were pooped. I had worked so hard skiing and acting as a human rope tow for Rhiannon up the hills. But it was good. I was proud of myself and Rhiannon. She is such a little trooper and I am glad that she enjoys these outdoor things like I do. That night she said to me, "I have a different kind of ache. I don't have a stomach ache, I have a leg ache". Poor kid. I gave her a soak in epsom salts and she is fine today. Did you know that espsom salts really work for muscle aches? I don't know why but they do. I used the same technique and I am not stiff today. Turns out I like xcountry skiing a lot more than I used to.

Saturday, February 04, 2006


Well, I am off to Calgary on Tuesday evening. We're taking the overnight bus. One of my friends there has the same birthday as Martha (Feb 11) and so she bought us tickets to come and help her with her townhouse renovations. I am going with Drew and Rhiannon. First I am visiting my other friend (Ronni) until the 10th when I am going over to Sheila's house. Sheila works for the Calgary Sun who sponsors a lot of sporting events. So she was going to take Andrew to the Calgary Flames Game on the 9th (playing the Mighty Ducks) but then she was able to get the publisher's seats and 6 tix. So we are all going - Drew, Rhiannon, Ronni and her daughter and me. We get a parking pass and we get like the best seats. Too bad it is to see a hockey game. Everyone else is looking forward to it but I am dreading it. I am afraid I will be cold and bored. I've never actually been to an NHL game... Would it be too rude to bring a book? Sheila is a hockey fanatic. Like she even has her tv room painted orange and black (she is a flyers fan) and had me crochet her a black and orange toque and she only gets cable during hockey season. I haven't watched a hockey game since I left home and I don't miss it.

On the bright side, Ronni lives right across from a great Value Village. And we are going to the zoo during the day on the 9th or 10th with other friends in Calgary. (It seems I have a lot of friends in Calgary...) I am looking forward to the zoo. And maybe we will try to get in Science World. And I hope to get to the Gap outlet store to get Drew some jeans for cheap. He just grows too darn fast and he also wears out his pants. It seems like I buy them, I turn around and there are holes in them - big holes - slashes across the knee. Why do boys like throwing themselves on the ground? Why? I remember when Drew was little and everytime he kicked the soccer ball in a game it would be a shot where he threw himself on the ground. It took me awhile to convince him that it might actually be a better idea to kick the ball more than once while in the upright position. Myself, I could never play a game that required me to throw my body on the ground. Basketball for me. No volleyball or soccer or baseball.

Anyways, I am not sure if I will have time to write much before I go. I'll try. And once I am there, neither Sheila nor Ronni have a computer at home. So...

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Ski Update

Well, I did it. And my knee is okay. I was very scared in the beginning. I did not have to bend it or twist it in anyway that was uncomfortable for me. It was fun. Okay, it would have been alot more fun without Rhiannon... But it was fun and we will do it 3 more times. She did pretty good for her first time. Although I am doubting conventional wisdom that suggests cross country for the first time on skis. I think downhill skis are a lot easier to control than those long, skinny cross country skis. We'll do downhill next year. However, although I was able to do it (although I was moving at snail paces along with Rhiannon and her friend) my right leg/knee is so much weaker than my left that I couldn't actually move the ski to stop. Luckily you can stop using just one leg. It was weird though - my mind telling my muscles to do something and they just can't - I know I am trying as hard as I can but there is no movement... And hey, I only fell down once (although I had to take off one ski to get back up...) Drew had a blast and boarded for the maximum time possible. I would really like to be able to afford a pass and equipment for him. Rhiannon and I just hung out until he was done. Maybe next time I can get Dean to come and help with Rhiannon and then I could ski by myself for a bit. That would be nice.


Well, I am going skiing today. This will be the first time that I am going skiing since before I was pregnant with Rhiannon - so since 1998. It is the first time I am going skiing since injuring my knees. I am only going cross country skiing - something I disdainfully dismissed as 'too much like work' before. I don't think my knees could take down hill where your knees act as shock absorbers for your body. I have organized the ski program for the homeschooling group so I don't actually have to pay for myself, which is nice. I am taking cross country lessons with Rhiannon while Andrew boards. I am excited and scared. I am scared I will get out there and it will hurt too much or I will be required to move my knee in ways that I can't. I really hope it works. A woman was telling me that she had a knee injury and that by cross country skiing she was able to rehab her knee enough so that she could run again... I would really like that! I'll let you know how it goes.