Sunday, February 19, 2006

My Calgary Trip

Okay, last installment of my backwards journey and then I am up to date.

So, we took the all night bus to Calgary. It was awful for 3 reasons. 1. It was hot and I had prepared for it to be cold and I hate being too hot and stuffy when I am sleeping. 2. The new ergodynamic seats are not comfortable to lay across as they are slightly 'bucket-ed' - so you get the place where the two seats meet digging into you. 3. I couldn't really sleep with Rhiannon on a separate seat - because what if something happened to her while I was asleep? Andrew had the same problems and when he thought I was asleep, he couldn't sleep because he was worried about Rhiannon, too. What a kind boy I have! Rhiannon however, slept soundly the whole way there. I am sure that was a blessing!

Sheila picked us up around 5:30 and we piled into her truck and headed towards the SW of Calgary where my friend, Ronni lives. We had breakfast at a Humpty's and I was surprisingly hungry. I am usually not hungry in the morning but I guess staying awake for most of the night increases one's appetite. Then we headed to Ronni's which was near by. I was at Ronni's until Friday evening. I love hanging out with Ronni. We talked, we laughed, we just had a great time being around each other. The only thing is that it is always hard to leave her. I always wish that we lived closer. I did get some shopping in at Value Village (right across the street). We got Andrew 7 pairs of jeans. Lets see how long those last... And I did get myself a couple of things and we got Rhiannon a winter jacket - her zipper completely broke just as we were leaving for Calgary. I love Value Village!

Sheila picked us up with her twin sister, Barb in the Hummer that she had rented for their birthday (Feb 11). It was very fun to ride in - there is certainly lots of leg room in the back! Sheila had a work party the next day and some other friends came over and we worked on her place. Mostly we worked on doors. She had got all new doors for her place - doors that needed to be chiselled and drilled. I am now a very good chiseller... (but I didn't start that way!) We went to see Curious George (Sheila's favourite book) that night. It was cute - I hightly recommend it for all of your children. On Sunday, Sheila and Barb played ball hockey (floor hockey?) and we went to the zoo with some other friends. Rhiannon and I loved the zoo. Andrew was not quite so impressed. We saw a baby hippo and it is always just so awesome to see live giraffes and zebras and elephants and the lions put on quite a show! And I love to see the Bison (and a little sad, too) and imagine how they once roamed the prairies...

We did more work on Monday. It was rather hilarious. Barb was gone so it was just Sheila and I and we struggled all day with this one door. We just kept making mistake after mistake - first it was upside down, then one of the hinges was on backwards, then the screw came out, etc., etc. In the end, we were laughing so hard... And then we were on our way back home on Tuesday morning.

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