Sunday, February 26, 2006

Sick and Okanagan Star Search

Well, I finally got that flu thing (not the throwing up one - the achey, run over by a steam roller and cough like you are losing a chunk of your lung one). Rhiannon was waking me up 3 - 4 times a night and coughing all over me. I got really tired and run down and I got sick. I hope it is true and that because I have been taking my royal jelly all along, that I am not as sick as I would be. But who can really tell? I did pick up that Cold FX that (I think it was) Amy mentioned in the fall. It did definitely help. I am feeling better now, just got the head cold thing going on.

Despite my sickness, I dragged myself out of bed yesterday and went with Erin to Kelowna where she was entered in Okanagan Star Search. The prize is $1000 and some other perks that she is not so interested in. There were 10 contestants. There were going to advance 3. There were 4 judges - local musicians and music industry types. She did the Fugee's version of Killing Me Softly and Natalie Imbruglia's (sp?) Torn. They were judged on appearance, stage presence, relating to the audience and vocal ability. So she followed the awesome performance (I think the girl was drunk...) The girl was all over the stage and very energetic. (she got first). Erin hardly moved - mostly looked absolutely terrified. Yet, her vocal ability blew everyone else away. She was about 3x louder than anyone else. So they critisized her on her stage presence. But she showed her true musical ability -like the Fugee's track is basically just bass and drums and she had perfect pitch through the entire thing. The Natalie Imbruglia song showed her vocal dynamics and her range. She came in third. She is advanced to the semi finals which are March 11. One of the judges gave her some tips afterwards - telling her that she didn't have to move all over the stage like the other girl - she just had to relax and have fun up there.

It was very fun to be there and hang out with her friends - two who came with her. I was very proud of my girl!

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