Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Off to the IPE

This year (year of the rabbit, don't you know!) despite my misgivings, Rhiannon and I entered rabbits into the fair - the IPE - Interior Provincial Exhibition. Rhiannon has been begging to for some time. She entered four rabbits and I entered 2. Really she entered 11 because one of her entries was for doe and litter - Vivica, our fawn Satin Angora and her cute litter of 7 babies born July 5. I meant to enter Lars, my white Satin Angora buck and Charlotte (said with a French accent), my French Angora but I had to substitute because I ended up having to shave them both because of their mats.

I must say that we have been having a great time. Along with a woman from Winfield (who we know because we bought our first Satin Angora from her) we set up an area where kids could come and hold the bunnies. Whew! Was that ever popular! Basically I had a line up all day. We had to forcibly close it down to go get lunch and then to leave at 4:30 with people begging to just please hold a rabbit... I could still be there, I think. Our angoras have been a huge hit.

Although there are not a lot of rabbits entered into the fair and when you are the only one in your class, you come in first.... In one category Rhiannon and I were competing against each other and we tied for first. We didn't really have an competition. Okay none. So we have a lot of firsts, haha. But the big news is that one of our rabbits won Best in Show. So that means that out of all the rabbits, (there are about 30 or so) she was judged to be the best over all rabbit. She is one that we bred here on our own farm. A gorgeous chestnut daughter of Lars and Velveteen. Here she is. You can see how lovely her coat is. Rhiannon is pretty excited. She gets a trophy to take home and a sac of rabbit pellets.

Here's the fine young rabbit that I entered. I named him Cappuccino. I think he is rather gorgeous. Hopefully we will get some buyers for these lovely rabbits. We're working on it!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Back to it

Well, after all those big dramatic posts, its hard to just pick up again and tell you about the everyday things I want to tell you about. Its been a very busy summer with lots of guests and lots of fun. Maybe a little too much fun. It has been wonderful to see people and spend time but it has been alot. I figured it out and from the time that Layne arrived on January 10, until last Monday we either had company or were company for all that time except for a total of 5 weeks. And that stress - most of the times a good stress - has taken its toll. Last weekend when we dropped my friend's daughter back in Calgary and spent a few days shopping and doing Calgary things and then came home, we were alone at last. We've just been quietly doing our thing. When I looked at the forecast and saw that just this past weekend would likely be the last good hot days of the summer, Rhiannon, Drew and I went to the beach every day. Just the three of us (well, Eryn and Tyler showed up on Sunday but they don't count). Dean was in Canmore with Redfish in case you are wondering. My garden has suffered and I haven't put up as much food as I usually have by now. We're getting back into the groove. Here are some images from our fun and very (overly) full summer.

End of May girls at the beach. Shopping marathon for mother-of-the-bride dress. (Thanks again, Ronni! I really couldn't have done it without you!)

George the disable chicken brought in to die in peace ends up outliving all his compatriots and even survives the wedding. He eventually died with full bowls of food and water in front of him on the evening of July 21. Dean buried him and shed a few tears...

Lots of cousin time over the wedding

and after

Lots of walks with Iris... we still miss you!

Rabbits for sale!

Lots of rabbit babies

Fantastic August weather and New Denver here we come! Beautiful lake, good friends, good food, lots of music and lots of talking over card games. Perfect holiday!


Rabbit time and rabbit projects!

Friends hanging out and doing all the summer things - parties, water slides, matinees and the beach!

Calgary time: shopping, Callaway and the Calgary Corn Maze:

Fanciest dinner ever! Can you say carnivore heaven?

Driving back to BC in the rain....