Saturday, February 04, 2006


Well, I am off to Calgary on Tuesday evening. We're taking the overnight bus. One of my friends there has the same birthday as Martha (Feb 11) and so she bought us tickets to come and help her with her townhouse renovations. I am going with Drew and Rhiannon. First I am visiting my other friend (Ronni) until the 10th when I am going over to Sheila's house. Sheila works for the Calgary Sun who sponsors a lot of sporting events. So she was going to take Andrew to the Calgary Flames Game on the 9th (playing the Mighty Ducks) but then she was able to get the publisher's seats and 6 tix. So we are all going - Drew, Rhiannon, Ronni and her daughter and me. We get a parking pass and we get like the best seats. Too bad it is to see a hockey game. Everyone else is looking forward to it but I am dreading it. I am afraid I will be cold and bored. I've never actually been to an NHL game... Would it be too rude to bring a book? Sheila is a hockey fanatic. Like she even has her tv room painted orange and black (she is a flyers fan) and had me crochet her a black and orange toque and she only gets cable during hockey season. I haven't watched a hockey game since I left home and I don't miss it.

On the bright side, Ronni lives right across from a great Value Village. And we are going to the zoo during the day on the 9th or 10th with other friends in Calgary. (It seems I have a lot of friends in Calgary...) I am looking forward to the zoo. And maybe we will try to get in Science World. And I hope to get to the Gap outlet store to get Drew some jeans for cheap. He just grows too darn fast and he also wears out his pants. It seems like I buy them, I turn around and there are holes in them - big holes - slashes across the knee. Why do boys like throwing themselves on the ground? Why? I remember when Drew was little and everytime he kicked the soccer ball in a game it would be a shot where he threw himself on the ground. It took me awhile to convince him that it might actually be a better idea to kick the ball more than once while in the upright position. Myself, I could never play a game that required me to throw my body on the ground. Basketball for me. No volleyball or soccer or baseball.

Anyways, I am not sure if I will have time to write much before I go. I'll try. And once I am there, neither Sheila nor Ronni have a computer at home. So...

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