Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Ski Update

Well, I did it. And my knee is okay. I was very scared in the beginning. I did not have to bend it or twist it in anyway that was uncomfortable for me. It was fun. Okay, it would have been alot more fun without Rhiannon... But it was fun and we will do it 3 more times. She did pretty good for her first time. Although I am doubting conventional wisdom that suggests cross country for the first time on skis. I think downhill skis are a lot easier to control than those long, skinny cross country skis. We'll do downhill next year. However, although I was able to do it (although I was moving at snail paces along with Rhiannon and her friend) my right leg/knee is so much weaker than my left that I couldn't actually move the ski to stop. Luckily you can stop using just one leg. It was weird though - my mind telling my muscles to do something and they just can't - I know I am trying as hard as I can but there is no movement... And hey, I only fell down once (although I had to take off one ski to get back up...) Drew had a blast and boarded for the maximum time possible. I would really like to be able to afford a pass and equipment for him. Rhiannon and I just hung out until he was done. Maybe next time I can get Dean to come and help with Rhiannon and then I could ski by myself for a bit. That would be nice.

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