Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The good ol' hockey game

I realized that I forgot to mention the hockey game. Highlight of my trip, right? Well, it is rather funny - I thought you would all get a kick out of it. It wasn't the flames. The Flames played on Wednesday. We went to a game the NEXT night. It was the Calgary Hitmen against the Red Deer Rebels. We did have good seats but they weren't the 'publisher's box' (they were directly across from the publisher's box, though, so the numbers were similar and she was mistaken). Our seats were quite close to the ice - just behind and over from Red Deer's box. And you know, that close, I couldn't tell what was happening. I am used to being able to see the entire rink like on tv... There were two Sutters on the Red Deer team and it was being coached by a Sutter (one of the Sutter brothers who played in the NHL). So, I tried to get out of going to the game when I found out it wasn't the Flames but... Sheila would hear nothing of it. It was fun, anyways. The Rebels won. But I chuckled to myself and thought that you would all laugh at me. I didn't take a book afterall.

But wasn't it great to see the women take gold at the Olympics? I love the watching the Olympics although I haven't had much time. It is the only kind of sports that I enjoy watching on TV. I did watch most of that gold medal match. Although, I started doing other things once the score was 4-0. It wasn't really close. I loved watching it for the 'girl power' of it all. I thought their skating and puck handling was pretty good. Why don't we pay women mega bucks to play hockey? Why?

Kaetlyn is making Chinese Fried Rice tonight. She learned how in home ec. I have never cooked it myself. It is sure nice having someone else cook!

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