Monday, February 27, 2006

A Dream

I had a dream while I was dozing for a just a couple of minutes in my sick bed last evening. In the dream I was at a friend's house (don't remember who) when there came a knocking at the door. It was Laura and I was very surprised to see her and I hugged her. Then Martha came around the corner and I said, "Did Laura pick you up?" (as in gone to get her from Cranbrook because she was leaving Ethan again). She said "no, Doug bought me a plane ticket. I thought you knew." And I hugged her and then Doug came down the walk from his van and I hugged him, too, at the same time. It was a very nice dream. As for why the rest of you weren't in it, I don't know. Maybe I woke up to fast. I kept thinking about it because it felt so good.

Feeling better today. Still sick but more bearable. I woke up this morning with my pj's so drenched that it was like I had put them on right out of the washing machine. Weird. Completely soaked from head to toe.

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