Saturday, March 04, 2006

The Joy Luck Club

Well, after what Katie said about the Joy Luck Club book, I decided to read it. (I didn't like the movie because of the drowned baby.) As I am still quite sick, I have had time this week. I really enjoyed the book, as I have all of the other Amy Tan books I have read. And I must point out that in the book, no one drowns a baby. This annoys me! Why would they add something so terrible to the movie? In the book, the woman who is married into the extremely controlling family and is treated with great disrespect, never even sleeps with her husband and she gets them to release her by faking a dream (rather like Fiddler on the Roof). Another woman is married at 16 to a much older man who is extremely unfaithful and eventually abandons her while she is pregnant. She finds out he has moved in with an Opera singer and then forcibly aborts her baby. Not so nice but also not the same thing as drowning a baby. She is certainly haunted by that experience and blames herself when years later she gives birth to a baby boy with a defect who is born dead or dies shortly afterwards. I am angry at the movie!

I am still sick. I haven't been this sick in a long, long time. Dean says he doesn't think he has ever seem me so sick. It has been a week now. It has been 7 days of aching body and stuffed head and tiredness. I am tired of being sick. Last night I slept with a humidifier to help with my coughing in the night. It did help a lot. I haven't used a humidifier since I was a kid - I hated them. I'll feel a bit better one day and then I will feel as bad as the worst day the next.

On a positive note, Rhiannon and I planted seeds to start indoors for our garden and they are almost all up. We have wee zinnias and daisys and tomatoes and cauliflower and wild lupins and brown eyed susans. Still waiting for my cucumbers and zucchinis to come up. It is fun and exciting to watch them sprout.

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