Saturday, March 11, 2006

Okanagan Star Search

Well, today is the semi-finals for the Okanagan Star Search. So I am leaving at 12noon with Erin to Kelowna. She's on at 2pm - that means she's got to be amongst the first. Not such a good spot. It seems like they often forget the first. We noticed last time that only one person advanced from the first set and she was the last one in the first set. But they advance 10 people today out of 20. That seems like pretty good odds to me. This time she only gets to sing one song. She's doing Tina Turner - Nut Bush. She sang it at the family reunion. The judges are all older than me so she thought they would like it. I'm going to enjoy it, that is for sure!

I am still sick. Although mostly better now. It seems like I feel pretty good for one or two days and then I wake up feeling like crap or like I could sleep all day. Today is one of those days. I managed to stay in bed until 8am which is quite a feat with Rhiannon. I miss Dean. He left Thursday morning and won't be back until late, late Sunday night. sigh. I hate being on my own when I feel crappy. I am going to make myself some nice tea and try to perk up for Erin.

The for sale sign went up this week. 4 people came to see the house yesterday. That was a little much. So we had to be gone for 4 hours. I took Jodi with us, too. Drew was in Cherryville (45 min away) so I went grocery shopping and then to pick him up and we stayed to visit for awhile (Drew's friend has a little sister who is 1 year older than Rhi). It was a nice visit. The house could be cleaner. I have been so sick for more than 2 weeks. Although the kids and Dean manage to keep the house 'clean', the tidiness factor really starts to slip....

I gotta go pick up Kaetlyn in 15 minutes so I had better go and get dressed...

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