Thursday, March 16, 2006

Thursday Morning Pictures

Well, I had to use Kaetlyn's digital camera this morning to take some pictures of Bozenka's art for her. So while I was snapping away, Rhiannon and I decided to take some other pictures. Rhiannon took almost 80 other pictures! She took pictures of her toys, about 10 each of Sheeba and Jodi, of our garden and of our little plants. Me and Dean, too. I've included some of them here. The first one is Rhiannon, of course who loves to actually wear the hoodie of her hoodie.

Next is one shot of our little seedlings. The ones you can see here are mostly zinnias.

Here is one of me that Rhiannon took. I like it.

And here are our little crocuses poking up in the garden that won't be ours any more.

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