Tuesday, March 21, 2006

New House

Well, our move is finalized. We are moving to back to Coldstream. Whew! I am tired of being robbed! We take possession April 1. It is a rural area of Coldstream near where we lived when Dean first became a member of our family. It is an old farm house built in 1898. It has been very well cared for and totally updated - everything from a brand new furnace (2 weeks old) to all new wiring and plumbing. It is the typical old farm house set up - all the bedrooms upstairs around a landing (kind of like 910 Gillette - not that any of you are old enough to remember that house - the house where Laura was born). The bedrooms are all around the same size and with interesting shapes. There is a skylite in one. It has 4 bedrooms - which was a must for us. It has a huge claw foot bathtub yet the bathroom is completely updated with a free standing enclosed shower, as well and lots of room. The biggest bathroom I think I have ever had. Downstairs is a little unusual as it is in houses like this - rooms are funny shapes due to all the updating. The kitchen is gigantic. There are lots of windows. The basement has one useable room in it as well as the laundry facilities but it is rather damp. It has the original rock foundation which looks really cool. The yard is huge, tons of trees, an old orchard with plum and apple trees, walnut trees, rope swing, tree house, basketball hoop. The kids and the animals are going to love it. When we lived in this area before, I hardle had to feed Tigger because of his steady diet of mice in the fields. We are back in the area where Kaetlyn's high school is and just one block away from her best friend. She still takes the bus but it will be a much shorter ride and she could walk if she was feeling athletic. I'll take some pictures of it as soon as I can and post them here for you all to see.

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