Sunday, March 12, 2006

Star Search Report

Well, Erin didn't make it to the finals. She did an awesome job of Nut Bush - nailed it. She was way more comfortable on stage, she was dressed better. She was much happier with her performance. The judges only had good things to say about her but... 11 out of 22 were advanced. I gotta say that I don't get their selections. They chose some people who had REAL pitch problems. There were a couple of others that I was really surprised to see didn't make it and I was really surprised about some of the ones that they chose. Don't get it. They picked some old, ugly people who were really schmaltzy. Oh well, it always seems to be this way in these kinds of competitions. And like I said to Erin, there are people who make a career out of winning these competitions who never actually have a music career...

Not feeling so great today, either. I'm dragging my butt around. Still in my pj's.

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