Wednesday, April 08, 2009

My Sister is an Amazing Photographer

My sister Laura is an amazing photographer. Her blog is always full of great pictures. Lately she is into doing portraits and she has some really great ones. Her latest subjects are our parents. I stole some of my favourites but for the full effect go here.

When I see this one, I can see how some people think I look like my mother.

I think these series of pictures not only are great photos, they capture more than just my parents. I think they capture my sister's relationship with them as well and her goofy, quirky way of being with them. There is no artifice in their poses. There is genuine affection. Not just for each other but for her as well.

Now I've got to pick one to get as an 8x10 for my wall... so hard to choose!

And this is the perfect one to finish with. This is so typically dad that I can hear, without any effort, the sounds he is making, as well!


Laura said...

thanks andrea! i liked how you brought out the relationship part. i never thought of that. it's true. btw, they should all be good for blowing up and printing.

Caroline said...

Beautiful pictures of your parents Andrea! Laura, you are an amazing photographer! (I've seen your other work on your blog too...yes, I am a "blog lurcher")

Monique said...

Oh, my favourite is the one kind of looking down on them - with the framed baby pictures in the background. Get that one enlarged!!!