Monday, September 21, 2009

3 Bags Full (well, actually 4)

On Friday morning my sheep were relieved of their burdens. 4 feed bags full of it. Draga and Renauld were the most generous givers but Renauld by far had the most wool. Beautiful black wool.
You can see the piles here - Renauld on the right, Brida in the middle and Basil's beautiful, long lambs wool on the left.

It was a huge relief for me to find them all in very good health (fat, the shearer said, like they should be at this time of year). It is hard to tell the weight/health of sheep when they have a full coat of wool. After loosing Freya, I was worried - especially about Basil - that there might be others getting skinny like she did. But the shearer said that Basil looked awesome and that he was a very nice size. So in November or so, he should fit very nicely into the freezer.

The sheep also seemed to be relieved. Even old Brida was running and leaping around like a lamb - she did look funny with her considerable girth but luckily sheep don't let such things stop them.

There's Brida, closest to the camera with Basil on the left and Renauld's black rear end.

3 comments: said...

exciting! Good that they're all healthy, too. yay ;)

beetlemack said...

they look so velvity! nice comment about 'fitting nicely into the freezer'.

Sarahstottle said...

mmm, next time I visit you, I want some lamb! (If I could be so bold)