Friday, December 04, 2009


And interesting thing happened the day after I said I was no longer going to do hats. Somebody bought a hat off of my hippiehats blog. Interesting. And then the next week I was invited to be in the Cedarbridge Winter Craft faire. So, I decided to do it. But it had a totally different energy. I wasn't running around knitting and crocheting furiously (errr, or should I say, sitting quietly watching movies and giving myself another case of knitter's elbow...). I just took the many hats I already have. I sold a few hats and it was a nice evening.

So I decided to reactivate my Etsy shop with my remaining hats. I don't have that desperate feeling about the whole thing. Its just nice to sell some of the many hats I have made over the years and Etsy is a nice way to do it. So if you are looking for a hat or you know someone who is, you can find my hats at See you there!

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