Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Before That

Before that I had some of my favourite visitors. My brother, Doug, was in the middle of moving. He came to get our Dad's trailer that was left at my house and left 3 of his kids. His trip here actually involved a middle of the night rescue from a tire problem that needed towing on the tail end of the Coquihalla Connector about 50 km's out of Kelowna, in true Doug fashion. It just wouldn't be a visit from him without a little vehicular drama.

So I had 3 of his 7 children for the week. I had to keep up my 'fun-auntie' image so after I recovered from my lack of sleep, Eryn and I put on an action packed first weekend. It was cool that first Saturday so we headed for O'Keefe Ranch. As luck would have it, it was Cowboy Days with lots going on. We toured the ranch, took in some cowboy events, did some felting, rode some horses and visited all the usual spots.

Here they are in the bunk house where you can dress up in old clothes. They are purposely not smiling to make it more authentic.

We thought that Caleb looked like a certain figure from Mormon church history, if you know what I mean, with his longish hair and that blousey shirt.

Here are the other two in their get up.

And here is Rhiannon in the schoolhouse posing seriously in the desk. I am not sure who took this picture. Maybe she set it up herself...

We got to go on a tractor ride around the ranch. And then they each got a turn riding a horse. Those were tall horses! No pony rides, here!

For supper, we packed a cooler and headed down to Juniper Bay to cool off because it was no longer a cool day.

At my house there was lots of chick taming.

And music making.

And we even got a visit from some other cousins who happened to be in Penticton and came for a BBQ one evening.

We took in the Science Centre and the water park and we went to Kal Beach several times. I would say it was a successful visit and I think I managed to maintain my reputation.

Then on the following weekend, Doug and Delanie came back with the rest of the family and hung out. They got in a little beaching and then it got overcast and cool, as it often does when coastal people visit, somehow. And then Monday morning they packed up and were gone and it was soooooo quiet around here!


Beth-a-knee said...

what a nice summery visit! I can't wait until I get to swim in Kal lake again. I'm not from the coast anymore so the weather better be nice!

bum.by.the.sea said...

That sounds like fun. I'm sad that I won't have a chance to visit you guys this summer, I'd really have liked to. Your farm is so much fun. Me and Shawn might make a quick visit when we go to see Bethany at the end of Sept though, would you be down for that? We could help with canning things...

Sarah-Lynn said...

Good to finally hear from you again! Can't wait to make things noisy around there for you once more. Did you know that Bethany is planning on coming at the same time so she can say good-bye???

eryn. said...

time for another blog!!!!