Friday, January 07, 2011

And Now for New Years

What exactly we were doing for New Years didn't exactly take shape until just days and moments before. At first we were going to be at home, doing our usual, eating snacks, hanging out, watching movies and playing games. Just the 3 of us because Andrew went to Kamloops for New Years. But in the end, Redfish opened for a fundraising all-ages event.

I must say that Rhiannon was not keen to go. In fact, that is putting it mildly. She wanted to do what we had always done (at least what we had always done in her recent memory). She fought against going right down to the moment of leaving for the gig when I wouldn't let her wear her choice of footwear (inappropriate). I told her that we had to stay for Daddy's set and then we could leave if she wanted to. She was adamant that this is what she would want to do. I tried to suggest that she be open to having a good time - that it might even be fun - that a lot of kids would like to be in her position. She was completely unconvinced, my little Virgo.

And she managed to pout all the way through the 45 minutes that Redfish played. But I only hung around for a little while and then I went to dance. At the end of the set, she was still adamantly NOT having fun.

But then, something happened. A very sweet little girl who was actually in my very first dance class had noticed the unhappy Rhiannon. And she wanted to help her to be happy. She approached Rhiannon and asked her to help her (her mom was one of the organizers of the event). There was a circus performance after Redfish was over and I went to get Rhiannon but she was no longer stationed in her pouting spot (facing away from the stage, I might add). Finally I spotted her in the front row, raptly watching the circus performance. She was even smiling.

And that was it. We stayed almost until the very end. Rhiannon didn't want to leave. She hung out with the other kids and ran around, filling pretzel dishes and laughing. Doesn't she look radiant? A much better way to bring in the New Year.

And I got Dean to dance with me. He had had sufficient libation that he would entertain such a request. I got him to dance with me a lot. There was a funky band from Nelson called Wassabi Collective (worth looking up) that were the headliners and were great to dance to. We danced in the New Year - is there a better way to see it in for someone who loves dancing as much as I do?

But an aside about dancing. I have been to alot of dances in my life and danced with a lot of people. These days I mostly dance with other women and it is more of a singular thing - finding my own groove to the music. But when it comes to dancing with a partner, there is one I prefer above all others. Do you know who it is? It is my brother, Doug. He was my first dancing partner. We learned how to jive together when I was 10 and he was 9. I love dancing with him. Sometimes when I am at dances and the music is grooving, I miss him very sharply. I have some Powder Blues songs in Erin's reception playlist to facilitate just such fun.


Sarah-Lynn said...

The fact that she was so determined to not have fun that she sat facing away from the stage is pretty funny!!

I would like to see you and Doug dance together. I bet it's quite an enjoyable sight.

Laura said...

ya maybe at erin's wedding you guys should do a jive number. i'm glad rhiannon had fun in spite of herself and that you got to dance since you love it so much.

Andrea said...

I am totally planning on jiving with Doug at Eryn's wedding. I have already bossily informed Doug and told Eryn I get my own playlist for the dance that will have Powder Blues and Doug and the Slugs...