Friday, February 17, 2012

Mexico 2012

Abbotsford airport very early in the morning.  After a evening drive and a late night visiting at my brother Doug's with him and his 7 children.  He kindly arose early and drove us there and took care of our vehicles.  And here it what I love to see - my two very different daughters companionably reading together.

This is on the bus from Puerto Vallarta to Rincon de Guyabitos.  I just love the light in the picture.

Also on the bus.  This is one excited kid!

 Our first moments in the hotel room.  Towel art on Rhiannon's bed.  She took this photo.  Actually she took most of the photos seeing as it is actually her camera that I use all the time.  She commandeered it.

Dinner out after our first full day.  We're already looking brown.

The beach at Los Ayalles.  Not as crowded as the beach in Guyabitos.  We spent several days there.  The first day we were beat out by the blue hairs who hogged everything.  The next time we were better prepared and got our spot in the sun, beach chairs. 

 My girls.
Kaetlyn and Nadia

 The recent very pale addition to our family who was full of surprises.
January 14, 2012 = El Deano is 50

 So glad they made it.  Best Christmas present ever!  It wouldn't have been the same without them.  Don't even want to think about it.

Andrew and Chelle on our last evening photo shoot

my four favourite people in the world

Last night on the beach at sunset
Sunset with my man
trying to get a jump photo

probably my favourite photo
For us it was the trip of a lifetime.  We went to the same resort that we did last time but it felt completely different.  I was there with all my favourite people in the world.  There was no one to miss.  And I was completely confident in my friend Abbie looking after my farm and so I didn't give Renauld and the gang a single thought.

We laid in the sun and explored the village.  The kids all bought things for friends back home but I had all of them with me so I had nothing to buy.  The weather was perfect - high 20's to low 30's everyday.  My hair adored Mexico.  In fact, my hair says to say that it misses Mexico.  As for the rest of me, I miss the guacamole and the fresh pineapple and cantelope... Oh, and someone else doing all the cooking!

Of course a bizarre ending to our trip, we fly into Abbotsford and find it and Chilliwack buried under drifts of freezing blowing snow.  I thought the plane had made a wrong turn and we were really in Prince George.  When we got gas, I had to clear the snow out of the slot my bank card...  Luckily as we drove NORTH and EAST, there was less and less snow...

We just had so much fun hanging out with each other for a week with no other demands than to have fun.  We thought we would try to repeat it every couple of years. 


Laura said...

sounds like the perfect trip. i'm glad you guys had such a great time. and i'm glad you blogged about it. :)

Sarah-Lynn said...

Yes repeating it every few years is a good idea! Sounded like it was good as I hoped it would be for you guys. I'm glad you had such a great time. Family time is so important.

amyleigh said...

those are beautiful pictures! You and your family all look great. It looks like a perfect trip. Mmm...fresh pineapple!