Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Christmas for Kaetlyn

 This Christmas was the first one that we were not all together as a family.  Kaetlyn remained in Iceland getting the full Icelandic holiday experience - so different from North America.  This post is for her.  I have to write about it so I can move on with the other posts piling up in my brain.  Here are the photos of Christmas Eve that we spent at Gardom Lake with my friend, Bozenka and her family.  She is Croatian so Christmas Eve is the main event.  We were so honoured to be included!  These are just grainy non-flash photos I took with my iPad.  Notice the waves and the smiles, Kaetlyn.  Those were for you!

Bozenka in the kitchen!
Goranka and Eryn chatting (see my apron on the chair?  I got up to take the picture.  Insert me in that chair!)

Jelena madly wrapping right up to the last minute!

The line up for the food.... ah, the food!
The food....

Waiting to dig in!  It was awesome!
 And that's it.  I didn't get any photos of present opening or even Christmas morning.  I was too busy just being there.  We had a dinner for 10 at our house Christmas Day.  The biggest turkey we grew (22.5 lbs)was consumed along with the usual fare.  All good but there was always someone missing!  Love you!

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