Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Another political post, I'm sorry. I'm going to have to stop listening to CBC... Yesterday morning I was so moved by an interview on the Current of Michael Ignatieff . He is currently the elected Liberal MP from the Etobicoke-Lakeshore riding in Ontario and is running for the leadership of the Liberal Party. I urge you to listen to the interview. I have never been so filled with hope for Canadian politics. I was close to tears to think that we could have a man like this lead our country.

I have not had very much hope for Canada with Stephen Harper in power in Ottawa and Gordon Campbell in power here in BC. Red-necked, compassion-less, bottom-line driven policies are the story of the day as I see what I love about this country further eroded away. Michael Ignatieff is the son of a politician who was a colleague and close friend of Lester Peason. He has a great vision for peace and believes that military action is always the wrong action. He has been around the world and has an intelligent and informed view of world politics and what amazing things are possible.

Most of all it was refreshing to hear someone speak who had not obviously been briefed by his polsters. A man with a vision and firm, well-informed opinions. He was compassionate, wise AND fiscally responsible. He even talked about the Quebec problem and our 'unfinished' constitution in the most reasonable way I have ever heard anyone speak. He pointed out that we need to face the fact that Quebec is different than the rest of Canada. It is a nation within a nation and we need to recognize that - and that recognizing that already existing fact will not tear Canada apart but make us stronger. He talked about how when Quebec celebrates St Jean Baptiste Day, as their national day and that they think of themselves in other ways as a nation. He also talked about the environment in really sensible ways - actually dealing with the issues that face us and looking for real solutions - for factories for the cars we drive... He talked about the growing divide between urban and rural and the need for real solutions that make choices more equal no matter where you live. He talked about the need to have a unified policy on healthcare...

I don't do his eloquence justice here. I hope you will check him out for yourself - you can read his blog here. I have never been one to put political signs on my lawn or to campaign for any politician but I would for him. I think he is exactly what we need right now to take us into this new era in the world and to take a leadership role in the environment and for peace.


Anonymous said...

It's great that you were so inspired by Ignatieff's interview, and I hope that you continue your support, but if you think that he's against military action you couldn't be more off. He has consistently been very pro-military, and takes heat on a daily basis for his support of the war in iraq.

Chick said...

Actually, this is a direct quote from the interview,(6minutes 27 seconds) "...Canada has to be the country that stands up and says with other countries, 'let's break the silence. We cannot have milatry solutions. There are no military solutions here for anybody. There is only peace now and if there isn't peace, we get a widening of a conflict which will be devastating for the world economy and world security..." Although he supported action in Iraq due to what was happening to the Kurds, he does not agree with or support what the Americans have done. (according to this interview)