Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Current Total

So our current total for Kaetlyn's insulin pump is $3, 267. We are more than half way there. And I know there is still some money outstanding from the garage sale so our total is probably a little over $3, 300....

And yesterday.... and yesterday.... Mary Sue and I had a meeting with Century 21 about the garage sale scheduled for May 26th in their parking lots downtown. Last year they had one for Mark Gadmer, the local hockey player who was struck with encephalitis last year and was hospitalized in Vancouver for 8 months. They are excited to do one this year for Kaetlyn. Sun FM is going to be on location and Erin has agreed to be on location with them and one of the realtors. Do you know how much money they raised last year? They raised $8,000! So I have 3 phone calls to make. One to the pump company to make sure they have a pump to us by the beginning of June and to arrange method of payment, one to the diabetes clinic to see if there are more families who would like to join us in our fundraising because we should have enough for 2 pumps by the end of the garage sale, and one to the paper to do a story about Kaetlyn and our fundraising.

So if you have any stuff to donate to the garage sale or you know anyone who would like to donate stuff to the garage sale, they can take it to Century 21 from May 16 - 24 between 9am and 1pm. They will have a semi trailer parked near them from Allied van lines to store stuff in. If you can't make it in during those hours, call and they will make arrangements. Also we need about 20 volunteers to set up starting at 6am on the 26 and to take down and get all the left over stuff to second hand stores starting at 2pm (we will have the 2 Century 21 vans to make deliveries with). And of course, people to collect money and sell stuff on the 26th. Lets raise even more than they did last year. I'm aiming for $10,000 myself (and Mary Sue is probably aiming for even higher, she usually is...). That will be enough for 2 complete pumps and some money towards a third.

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Mary-Sue said...

Okay, first, you said the garage sale is on the 25th, but you meant the 26th, so maybe just make that little change. Second, YES! We're going to raise way more. I'm going to ask Rotary to match whatever we make at the garage sale... or at the very least, to buy one pump. There HAVE to be more people out there whose health would be so much more stable with a pump. YEEEHAW! This is FUN!!
(just waiting for that story on Kaetlyn and why the pump is important so I can approach Rotary...)