Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Forgotten Supportive Under Garments Story

So, Laura's post inspired me. After Phil and I had split up, I was devastated - really, really devastated and it took a loooooong time for me to even start to climb out of the pit of my own self-judgement. I thought that I never deserved to ever even date a guy again. But eventually I got over it and started to think that maybe I could be happy again and that life could still be good for me.

After about 2 years, I started to think that I was ready to get out there on the social scene. There was a local bistro (closed now) that used to get in live, original music on a regular basis. I had been once with my (married) friend when her brother was playing. (now he plays on a regular basis and I've been to almost all of his local shows and he plays around with guitar effects in his office downstairs and is the father of my youngest child but then he was just my very good friend's brother) I thought I would go out by myself.

This was a big deal for me. In my previous life as a mormon, I met people at church functions in a very tight community and putting this kind of effort was really not necessary. Although I had been married (and divorced by then) twice, I had not dated much and I had little experience being a single person 'out in the world'.

I arranged it all. It was a Friday night. Erin was babysitting. I put Kaetlyn and Drew to bed before I left. I showered and did my hair and put on my new dress. I called a cab because I didn't have a car in those days and the buses here don't run at night. I was so nervous. The place (Pandoras) was almost empty. There was a band playing country/rock. I sat at a table by myself and ordered tea or juice and when I sat down, there, by myself, I noticed that in my very nervous state, I had forgotten that certain supportive undergarment. Luckily my dress was of the loose type but I suddenly felt half naked and ridiculous!

So there you have it, in sister solidarity! Now, I often go about braless on purpose - at least 1 day a week since my friend, Denny forwarded this article to me. Check out the links - the science seems real to me and it makes sense.

Blessings to all Moms and Dads!
I found some really good links about how bras are linked to breast cancer and fibocystic breasts- I have to say I found this info out about a 2 months ago- I'm experimenting myself because for the last year or so my breasts have become really sore and swollen a week or two before my moon time,sometimes even longer! I'm not a coffee drinker, although I love organic raw cacao =) I haven't worn traditional bras for about 10 years, only the shelf bra types that are built into shirts, but they too cut off circulation with the elastic stuff on the bottom. Just check and make sure that there is no imprints or red marks on your skin after wearing them, because that would be a sign it is cutting off the circulation. Acording to the studies and unlike popular western belief you are suppose to let your breast bounce around especially while you are dancing, running,Yoga, Pilates ect... because it is healthy for your breast circulation and your lymph nodes in that area to be flushed
I'll tell you my story...It's only been a month since I've officially gone totally braless (i'm a small B cup) but it seems it has only taken a few weeks to adjust to not wearing half my shirts with built in shelf bras =( and so far I can't believe it- no soreness! I'm serious! I'm not sure what the answer is to women here that have big breasts by I think women in other cultures have big beautiful breasts too but dont' wear bras either, I'm not sure how they deal with it with sore backs, although I would recomend a good Pilates and Yoga instructor to help strenthen your core and back to support the extra weight. I'm putting this info out here because the bra industry is so HUGE just like the sugar industry and they have a big invested interest in making sure women feel that they have to wear these things, and I'm sure they will tell you that there are no links to bras and breast cancer and fibocystic breasts- just like in the olden days with corsets, and it seems to
have evolved into bras. Even if you can't go cold turkey, try just as soon as you get home take them off... There is a book written about a scientist (I heard him on the radio) who discovered these links and wrote a book and he talks about his journey to try and educate people of the dangers of bras- very interesting story-and how controversial this is! The name of the book is Dressed to Kill :the link between breast cancer and bras by Sidney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer...

here are some more links...




Much Love, Peace and Blessings,

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Mary-Sue said...

oh my goddess, that is so funny! and moving! i could just feel what you were going through all the way along that story. very well written! and thanks for the reminder about bras! i think i need a lift on one side and then i could do it...