Monday, September 03, 2007

Good Bye to an Old Friend

Seems an appropriate time of the year to do just that. I haven't posted much in August and here is one of the big reasons. August 1 we got notice that the woman that we sublet the space for the Inner World School would like to have our studio for herself. And she generously gave us 30 days notice....(not). And 30 days in August is not quite like 30 days at some other time... In fact, I got the notice jut 2 days before leaving for our 10 day camping trip to New Denver. And then there is our annual trip to Calgary at the end of August that we just returned from. That meant that everything had to be done by August 27th...

Not to mention solving the problem of where we go next.... Really, it is a good thing. We have been in our basement room with no windows for almost 3 years. Our seed has been planted in the earth, it is time for us to sprout above ground. I guess this is the little push we needed to do the hard work of changing locations. But this was not enough time to find our next longterm home and to paint, etc. So we have arranged a temporary home with Inner Light Yoga which has a beautiful studio with lots of windows and a wonderful airy space. We have arranged to be there until at least December which gives us time.

But saying goodbye has still been a sweet sorrow. When I got to the point of having packed everything out of the storage room and the back hall and had swept and washed the floors back there, I just stood there outside the back door remembering all my little dancers so recently lined up back there, so excited for their performance - they young, exuberant energy. And the 3 years of dance students before them who had waited in that space with so much anticipation to make magic with dance. And it was hard to close the door...

We had a wonderful last week. We had an art class for children that was full of children. I love the energy of their creativity. We now have lots to choose from to make a calendar for fund raising with for the Inner World School. And there was my dance class for wee ones and then an evening class for adults.

This space has afforded me so much. I have learned so much. I have met some amazing families - amazing children and I have learned about myself - most importantly. I have grown. And I am excited for the next step of this journey. Thank you little studio in the basement and good bye.

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