Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Sneaky Chickens

So, although the chickens have learned how to get along with the chicks - who are hardly chicks any more, they have rebelled at having to share their space with the voracious, messy, feather-brains when it comes to their egg-laying. Everyday, when they are ready to lay an egg, they climb on top of the coop and jump over to the gate and fly down to freedom. Then they go lay an egg and circle the chicken yard until I notice they are done and let them back in.

Now it turns out that chickens are rather private... they hide their nests very well. We searched and we searched and we searched and I discovered that indeed, we do have stinging nettle on our property... and still no eggs.
Finally Sampson helped us out. While one of the hens was sitting in a place we couldn't see, he pounced on her and sent her squawking. And we discovered this nest with 18 eggs in it. Can you see it in the photo on the left? Dean and I had both searched right in that area and never saw it. In fact when a hen is on it, it is about impossible to see - she blends right in. Two hens were laying in that nest. I left 2 eggs in it so they would keep laying in it (chickens can't count). But one of the other chickens was laying somewhere else. We still haven't been able to find that nest.... It is somewhere on the north side of the house, we think.

Then yesterday, one of the two hens from the original nest, decided she needed a new spot. And those sweet hens picked this spot - right beside our step! How convenient is that? And then the other hen joined her today.

I'll forgive them for abandonning the coop...


katie said...

haha. i'm learning so much about chickens because of you.

Laura said...

me too. when you talked about them escaping the coop, it reminded me of chicken run.