Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What We Did - What You Can Do

Coldstream Council voted it down by a margin of ONE. The move was defeated. Our council will not send on the application to have the farmland at the corner of Aberdeen Rd and Hwy 6 changed to 'non-farm' status. The meeting last night was held in Coldstream Elementary gymn and it was packed - packed full of people from Vernon (!) who were for the development of these lands. I spoke again and read a letter that Kaetlyn wrote. I had also phoned Mary Mallerby in advance and she had told me that the people she heard from were 90% against and she would be voting against. And she did. Along with council members Jim Garlick, Doug Dirk and Bill Firman.... Thank God!

And here is something you can do about chicken. You can sign this online petition to reverse the ridiculous legislation that took away our right to fresh, local, organic chicken. Let's take our power back and make ourselves heard while we still have some rights left...

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Andrea for lending your voice and time to ending this silliness. I am so glad your agitating made a difference and I can be assured the next time I visit, that field will still be there, green - but not with astroturf.