Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Family Project

Are you sitting down, Mary Sue?

This was our family project on Sunday. If you have ever been to my house, you know how significant this picture is. This house has the blessing and the curse of having a large porch at the front door. When we moved in last April which was such a busy time of the year, stuff got piled on the porch that we didn't know what to do with. Although those boxes got moved and put away, the porch somehow has never been clean. It has remained constantly cluttered and piled with 'crap'. It has been an almost overwhelming task for me to do alone.

There is a lesson in this, I know there is. Together, as a family with everyone helping, we had it cleaned off in no time at all - vacuumed and everything. Too often, I take these things on myself alone and they stress on me. This is my pattern too often although getting less and less. And look what happened here? I am loving my clean entryway - clearing the way for the new energy of autumn.


Mary-Sue said...

where the heck is the EXTRA LARGE FONT key when you need it???
WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!!! HIP HIP HOORAY!! Looks fantastic! Good for all of you. Just in time for some snuggling on that couch and some violin serenades out there... lovely!
I haven't checked blogs for ages but something drew me to yours this morning! YAY!!!

katie said...

i do that too. yet some projects are very hard for me to let brent help with because he doesn't do it the way i want to do it.