Saturday, September 29, 2007

Last Days

From this to this in such a short period of time.... Thursday night we loaded these guys up into crates and Friday they met their end up on Dixon Dam Rd. I tried to make their last days as enjoyable as possible - letting them roam over the yard in the sunshine. We sang to them once in the crates, thanking them. And then we ate one last night - delicious and tender with greek salad from our garden. And I will use every bit.

I wouldn't do this breed again. I felt sorry for them as they waddled more like ducks, barely able to hold their breasts up out of the dirt. And they would only walk a dozen steps at a time before they need to rest. Next year it will be my own breed of bird and I'll be doing the dirty work myself (with some help from some friends).

But in the meantime, we loved these birds, we played with them, fed them treats like apples from the orchard (they loved them!). We were gentle with them and now we are enjoying them in another way!

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Mary-Sue said...

Just how the cycle of life should be... I'm grateful and proud to have been part of it... Thanks, Andrea! For growing these birds with love.