Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

This year we decided to travel to Nanaimo to spend Thanksgiving with my family. Here is my pictorial report.

Unusually, we got off to an organized and early start but thanks to insane Kelowna traffic, we missed the Horseshoe Bay ferry and ended up taking the 10:45 from Tswassen - a considerable wait. But that didn't dampen any spirits at all... We were pretty excited - Rhiannon especially.

Luckily it looked like this the whole time we were there so organized family activities out of doors were cancelled and we had the time to travel around and connect with my 9 siblings there (2 missing) and their spouses and children.

A must see on our list was my dear grandfather who still gives very good hugs even if I am not sure he knew who was... I have so many memories of him but I wish I had more... wish I had seen him more often in the last 2 decades so that my children would have more memories of him. And Erin was there by then so our whole family got to visit with him and Renie.

And I got to see this sister... (sorry Laura, maybe you should have smiled for the camera... now this stern picture is down for posterity...)

And this brother....
And this wee-est nephew

and this handsome nephew

and this neice
and this one

And this dapper nephew, too.

And many, many other nieces and nephews who were all cute and handsome and pretty and fun to be around.

And I made pies with the apples, plums and pumpkin I brought from my own garden.

And we had this turkey that my dad carved, as usual.

And then after our family had been so comfortably looked after at different Aunt's and Uncle's and cousin's homes, visiting and playing games, getting our hairs cut, shopping in Coombs, celebrating Erin's birthday (coming on the 18th) and we ate a glorious meal surrounded by ALOT of family and all of my children, we drove home in the sunshine, dropped Erin in Vancouver and made our way to this beautiful valley we love and our dog and cats and chickens.... And now I'm going to have a nap...

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