Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Day of the Coyote

Yesterday was a stressfull day. It started around 9am when a coyote came up on the porch and grabbed our beautiful dove grey ameraucauna cockerel who was destined for New Denver and a happy flock of rooster-less ameraucaunas.... That was bad enough. I ran out there and chased off the coyote but it was too late. And then, the coyote came back 5 times trying for seconds. I spotted it each time and ran out and chased it off before it got anymore of our wee flock. In the end, I was a mess, constantly staring out the window, thinking I saw something moving out there. This morning they ranch cut down all its corn so the field behind our property is just stubble now and they are busy working on the railroad today. So I am hoping that lack of cover and human activity will put off the coyote. So far so good.

I must say that the coyote was beautiful. A large healthy looking dog with a thick, long coat sandy brown with a bit of red and boy could it run! Dean and Rhiannon mean it harm but I can't find it in my heart to hate it or want to hurt it. I just want it to leave my chickens alone....

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Miranda said...

Aw, drat! Poor fella. I shall break the news gently to my hens. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Mr. Coyote gives up on your cafeteria now that the corn is gone. It's just heartbreaking, isn't it? Been there, many times. Best wishes for a henceforth coyote-free home.