Saturday, July 05, 2008

And So....

Here are the newest additions to our farm. Right now there are 8 sheep in my little pasture. But only 4 are for keeps. Four of them will make their way to the freezer.

This one is a 3 year old named Brida and came with 2 black lambs from Pineridge Icelandics in Chase. She is a moorit, which means brown in Icelandic. We are going to try milking her some day soon when she is not so afraid of us.

This beautiful white ewe lamb came from Sooke. I picked her and her mate up in Chilliwack on Saturday. She has been named Freya and is naturally polled (no horns).

And here is her mate from the same farm in Sooke - Tideview. He has been named Renald in honour of Ronni (Ronalda) who came with me on the very hot journey to get them. She is a city girl through and through so it was rather challenging for her to ride in the van with two baaing lambs in the back. Especially after the people we picked them up from warned us they could jump over the seats (not).

This is Oregano, a ram lamb from last year who is destined for the freezer shortly before he impregnates anyone! So far he is the friendliest. He will let me get the closest to him.

And this is Taragon who is also heading to the freezer soon.

And here is the latest addition from Greencroft Gardens in Grindrod. She arrived this afternoon. She will be part of our permanent flock. Her mother and grandmother have been milked and are very tame. She is definitely a large, healthy lamb!

And here is one of the twins from Chase. This is BaaBaaBlackSheep named by Rhiannon (Bubba for short). Her twin is Paprika. They will both make their way to the table.

And here he is, getting used to his new job. This is Zeus, Dean's new puppy, a livestock guardian dog. He is a Maremma x Akbash. And I've got to say, he is the sweetest dog I have ever known!

It really is starting to feel like a farm around here with 2 dogs, 3 cats, 8 sheep and 64 chickens....

How did that happen?

3 comments: said...

wow how exciting! I can't wait to see your sheep when I come visit. you've gotta let me help with them - me and andreas plan on getting some sheep, too. are they just grazing for their food, or are you buying feed?

Andrea said...

They will be grazing until the snow falls and then I will feed them hay until the spring. There is not much to do to them at this point. I spend a lot of time sitting in the field, slowly getting closer to them or meditative mornings writing in my journal... stuff like that. You are welcome to join me!

Laura said...

awww! i think bubba is the cutest! and zeus looks super cute!