Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

We went from 0 to Christmas yesterday. I had almost no baking done but by supper we were over-loaded. I started yesterday morning at 5:15 am and I was finished by 2:18am. I couldn't help but ponder what I could accomplish in my life if I could get that much done everyday...

This is a photo that Andrew took of the moody weather yesterday.

Along with baking, I had cleaning and presents to finish making. And our tree wasn't decorated yet, either. We had a lot of fun decorating, cleaning, making and baking yesterday. That is heaven for me - to have all 4 of my children around me all working and playing together.

Here is what a nose ring is really good for... Kaetlyn decorated that heart when she was 3. Sparkly fabric paint makes everything look good... Most of our decorations are homemade and we love putting them up, laughing about some of them, marvelling at the charm of others... bickering about who gets to put it up, what part of the tree has too many decorations... and laughing a lot.

Is Kaetlyn drilling something there? Um... no... My electric beater broke some months earlier and I just couldn't bear the thought of mixing shortbread by hand...neccessity is the mother of invention, right?

I only have one problem now: I can't get the drill to let go of my mixer attachment...

And in the end, all efforts are completed and the magic of Christmas descends on our home.

Merry Christmas!


Dragonflydownunder said...

Merry Christmas Andrea!
Fun to direct thots to your household and the SNOW>>>>
I LoVe our hot Christmas!

Caroline said...

Merry Christmas Andrea and Family!