Monday, December 29, 2008

Skating on the Lake

We have been making the most of this time off - trying to do things that we can only do now. Dean has taken Rhiannon sledding a couple of times, they've been to the matinée at the cheap theatre and today I took Rhiannon skating on the lake. It is only the fourth time in 15 winters that I have lived here that it is possible to skate on Kal Lake. It was a beautiful winter day and thanks to the -27 weather we have survived, -7 felt positively balmy! We were the only ones out and as we drove there, it started to snow huge flakes.

Here she is starting off on one of the cleared spaces.

And this picture doesn't really need any comment, does it? Her face says it all!

1 comment: said...

cute. and lucky to have a frozen lake to skate on.