Friday, May 29, 2009

Spring Soup

Spring soup is a favourite around here. Every year it is a bit different, depending on what is growing. I pull some frozen chicken stock out of the freezer the night before. Then mid morning, I put on 1/2 a cup of red lentils and 1/2 a cup of pot barley on to cook for an hour or so. If I'm not in the mood for these, then I might throw in some left over rice or skip this part for a lighter soup. Then, in my medium sized sauce pan, I melt a tablespoon of butter and whisk into it a tablespoon of flour. You can add more butter and more flour for a thicker soup. I don't like them that thick so I just use a bit. I add the thawed stock (if I don't have stock, I just use water) and add the cooked barley and lentils. Then I go outside and pick every edible green thing - except mint. So it has dandelion greens, pig weed, lamb's quarters, garlic tops, leek tops, green onions, green onion flowers (delicious!), oregano, lovage, stinging nettle and the secret ingredient which makes any spring soup delicious: rhubarb. Yes, rhubarb. Usually 3 stalks in my medium saucepan - its the main ingredient. I just chop it up into 1/2 inch pieces with scissors. You have got to try it! Now, I usually would have chard and spinach to add to this mix but mine is not up yet this year so I have made do with lots of dandelion greens and lambs quarter. I made this for supper last night along with baking soda biscuits with cheese and dill and pumpkin scones for dessert with apple butter and some elderberry saft for refreshment. Ahhh, spring!


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can you use it in turkey soup? and can you use the green part?

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Ahhh,I don't think i was home when she made that.