Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Okay, I think my little farm is complete. This week end we purchased these two very well socialized meat rabbit does. The brown one is Rhiannon's and her name is Hazel and the white one we are keeping 'in trust' for Megan, our friend in Calgary. Her name is Cypress. They are both extremely tame and very friendly and Rhiannon is absolutely in love with them. They are sisters and about half grown and they are about 3/4 Flemish Giant. Sometime this summer we will pick up a buck and maybe another doe or two and that will complete our breeding stock.

I grew up raising and eating rabbits and I love the meat. Some of our best Sunday dinners were rabbits stewed in mushroom sauce. It really does taste like chicken but let me tell you - rabbits are WAY easier to raise - the mothers do it all. And their poop can be used on the garden without composting.

This is my plan to phase out meat chickens. I will raise only a few to have for the really big roasters but most of our white meat will come from these.

So, now I have everything I want - sheep, chickens and rabbits. Maybe, someday way down the road, I would like to have an Angora Goat but that would be a long ways off and only a maybe wish. For right now, I feel totally complete in my farm.

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beetlemack said...

when i was growing up i would have LOVED to live with all those animals! fun!