Sunday, June 28, 2009

Redfish Rockin in the Free World

Redfish has been through some changes - both hard in some ways and good in others - the way change usually is. End result is they have a new bass player, which is kind of weird, as Josh was an original member. Now there is only Dean of the original 4. I will miss Josh's epic gooves, that's for sure. Nevertheless this change has unleashed a hurricane of creativity and Shane has stepped in to do an awesome job. After a lot of jamming and rehearsing, last night was their first gig - outside up on Silver Star. The sound was incredible and they were on fire. It was good to see my husband so happy. And you will notice the poor, neglected strat took played second string to the Reverend. In fact, it was on the bench all night.


sheila said...

Oooh, love the new blog colours, Andrea. Gorgeeeous!

Andrea said...

Yes, aren't they wonderful? All thanks to my talented sister, Bethany.