Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Catching Up Part 4

The Family Reunion Part 2

Once we all got there and survived the rain of the first night, it was fun. More than fun. I mean, just imagine 30 cousins in one place. There was a lot of playing, a lot of swimming, some singing, some drawing and ridiculous story making, some hamming it up at the usual 'talent' show. Here are some photographic highlights:

Uncle Doug and some of his adoring nieces and a nephew.

The 'cool' older cousin crowd.

Kids getting tossed in the water - this is Dean and Rhiannon.

This is Caleb and Uncle Jordan

Mermaids. There was lots of good sister swimming fun. We even let Evan come, once and he almost behaved himself. they let me come, too with my prosthetic fin (I'm not a big fan of hanging out in the middle of deep water unless I have a floaty - a little lame, I know...)

Handsome, tall cousins - Drew and Douglas.

Cute little cousins

Gabe the babe - he is getting to be a little boy these days... sigh... it happens way too fast!

And this is the Laura series. She does not allow a pretty picture to be taken of her. Nope. Only she is allowed to take pretty pictures of herself. The rest of us get this. Everytime. I think she just likes getting her picture taken because I kept trying and trying and trying... Even the one with her eyes half closed. It is not an accident. She did that on purpose. She held it like that until she was sure the picture was taken.

Did you get this far? Here is your reward. A rather dark but still hilarious video of "The Turkey Song". Its Jordan, Kyle, Doug and Evan. This somehow encapsulates us all right here. A bunch of hams.

Still reading? Good for you! Here is the real reward... these somehow appeared on my camera - mysteriously along with a bunch of ugly pictures which have already been posted on Facebook. So relax, Amy, I won't post them again here...hehe. Mom and I discovered these videos together. She almost peed herself laughing. She said she had a family of hams... Here are two of the mysterious videos...


Sarahstottle said...

Those were great posts Andrea!! I'm so glad you wrote about them. I think it turned out to be a wonderful family reunion!!

Evan said...

what a couple of psychotic wierd-os!!! hahahahaha.