Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Catching Up Part 5

So on the Sunday of the FR, I took Rhiannon to camp - Circle Square Ranch. It would have been a short drive from Fintry but it was an almost 2 hour drive from the Mable Lake Forestry Campground. She was going to camp with her good friend, Nikala. She was excited and scared. Standing in line to check in, she was leaning against me. Nikala wasn't there yet and she was a little bit scared. It is a camp where they learn how to ride horses. At the last minute she wasn't so sure about it. "Maybe I'll just learn how to look after them and not ride them," she says. I got her checked into her cabin and her bed made and then it was time to go. By this point, with other girls around who would be her room mates for the week, she gave me a 'hand hug' without getting down from her bunk... I passed Nikala's family on the road just after I left so I knew she would be okay.

It was supposed to be a quiet week - time for Dean and I alone and time to do somethings that needed doing - like the advertising for the fall programs at the Inner World School and canvassing for washing windows. But.... My brother Doug's van broke down. Turned out not to be what people thought but a little computer chip on the cam shaft. But in the meantime we had Grandma and Grandpa and Doug and Delanie and 6 of their kids on Monday night. I made spaghetti with the last of my canned tomatoes. Then the next day Doug and 4 of the kids went home with Mom and Dad. Delanie, Douglas and Caleb stayed until the van was fixed which turned out to be Wednesday evening. They got to do a bit of beaching and we went out for ice cream, too. I managed to get some of the things done that I needed to.

Thursday evening Mom and Dad arrived. Dad came to follow up on some contacts for roofing. And Mom came because she was coming with us to New Denver for the violin camp the following week. We had an empty house for about 24 hours. But Dad helped out by helping us not miss any windows while the van got the brakes fixed and dropping me off and picking me up for canvassing. But he left Friday afternoon although Mom wanted him to stay.

So Friday night Grandma came along as we went to pick up Rhiannon at Circle Square and watch the 'rodeo'. And there was Rhiannon on a horse and feeling very comfortable on one, too! She was so proud of herself and disappointed she didn't get to show us everything she could now do on a horse. And she was very, very dirty! She had a fantastic time at camp and had a hard time coming home to her boring old family.

But she wasn't home for long!

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cool that she had such a good time at camp. I'm envious - that's exactly the kind of camp I dreamed of going to when I was that age. :)