Thursday, October 29, 2009

More Firsts

See that wee brown egg? That was produced by Carmel - the very first chick that was hatched by a hen on our farm (whose mother was later killed by a hungry young bear). She is just barely 4 months old so that is rather exceptional. And I am very pleased. Isn't it a cute little brown egg?

And see that giant white egg beside it? That was produced by our rather high strung Danish Leghorn - I only ended up with one - all the rest of the leghorn chicks turned out to be roosters and now live in the freezer... Anyways, that is her first egg, too. She, of course is well more than 6 months old.... At least she popped out a big one!


Caroline said...

Wow! How exciting!

eryn. said...

... eggs are delicious. i'm hungry right now. this just made me think about eating eggs... and my tummy is grumbling.

also... how do you feel about making some super fancy cupcakes on monday? i will bring the ridiculous ingredients. it is one of my friends who got me the super cool cupcake cook book's birthday. i think i owe him some cupcakes.