Saturday, June 26, 2010

Out of my Comfort Zone


Okay, so. Two weeks ago I went and bought 5 more rabbits - 3 satin angoras and one satin angora hybrid and a french angora. 2 bucks and 3 does. Great. Only that means that I need more rabbit hutches. As my dad is in Guyana, it means that I am more or less on my own. I have procrastinated 3 weeks now (I was supposed to have them built before they arrived) and the temporary housing I have been using is very much less than ideal. So today is the day. And I am really on my own. Eryn who has been working very hard all week is not up for helping. Kaetlyn doesn't want to and Andrew has 'other plans'. Dean has gone to Revelstoke to play in the music festival there and Rhiannon is reading a very exciting book...

For some reason I feel very sad. Its not because I am on my own with the rabbit hutches - the rabbits are my thing, really. I think I just really miss my parents. My grandmother - my last grandparent's death has accentuated it. Your grandparents are your first line of defence in mortality, in the natural order of things. Now mine are all gone. The next to go will be my parents. Maybe that is morbid or whatever or dramatic but, really, that is a big part of how I feel and my grief. I really wish my Mom was somewhere near or that I would see her at the memorial. It would just be really good to touch her right now. I really, really miss her and I have never been much for missing anyone.

Anyways, this is where you come in. This will be a blog post in progress. I am building the rabbit hutch by myself. I am trying to copy the last one that my dad built. I am going to update this post as I go along. Maybe you could lend a hand? Or at least be a sympathetic ear? I am not a huge fan of power tools and I have seldom used them and never all on my own like this. I am rather attached to my fingers... but here goes!

What? Why of course I can fit a sheet of plywood in my minivan! I don't need to sit up straight while I drive!?!

All the wood and supplies. Can you help me with that plywood? No? Okay, I'll just drag it.

Time to get changed into my work clothes and get my hair out of the way.

Got my dad's tools out of the basement - drill batteries all charged (but man that thing is heavy! I'm going to get a work out just screwing in screws!)

Here I am with all the supplies. Bags of screws and hinges by my feet. Hope I remembered everything! I'm going to eat something and get out to work. Be back in an hour or so to let you know how its going!


Okay, so an hour took longer than I thought... I spent too long trying to figure out how that mitre saw worked. I tried calling several people (no one was home) and looking it up on-line. I didn't find anything that didn't assume that I already had a basic working knowledge.... But somehow I figured it out. I found the switch that doesn't look anything like a switch, if you ask me. I cut the wood. I still have all 4 fingers and both thumbs.

Then I did this. While doing this, I pondered on the mystery of the drill. Like why does it snug up the two pieces of wood sometimes and not others and no matter what I do, I can't get it to 'snug up'? What is the trick? Why has no one taught me this?

And then of course, I realized that I did it all wrong. So I had to take it apart anyways and do this:

and then this:

Which I did before coming in to write about it. Next I will attach the welded wire. This is the bottom of the cage. Then I will reattach all those legs that I had to 'unscrew'.

Did I mention that I hate 'screwing'? I do. I always strip screw heads. And curse. Screwing makes me curse. I hate it that much. I see some people who can use a drill and screw in screws with ease. It isn't easy for me and I'd like to know why!

See you in another 'hour'!


This is how far I got - the basic frame with the bottom wire attached. Whew!


Laura said...

good luck! i'm rooting for you and glad i'm not you at the same time. :)

i wish mom could come to the memorial too.

Beth-a-knee said...

yeah, good luck. I'm sure you'll be able to patch something respectable together. You've got lots of Dad in you.

I miss them too. I wish I could be at the memorial.

Caroline said...

oh Andrea, this is dreadful that you are all alone...

Caroline said...

in reference to your progress by 8:30.....Yaaaaaaaay! Hope you're going to call it a night!

Andrea said...

Thanks Laura and Bethany. And you bet, Caroline. I am making myself a chicken salad and going to chill watching a movie. Its getting dark...

eryn. said...

you left out the part where tyler and i showed up, and he unscrewed the parts you were so dreading unscrewing and helped you get the wire on the bottom frame. COME ON. you didn't do it ALL alone. said...

Yyyyeah!!! Way to tackle such a problem hands-on, that takes courage. It's exciting, though! I'm sure you'll make a fabulous hutch and then be totally freed to build one whenever you need to.

I miss mom too. I miss her all the time!

Sarah-Lynn said...

Wow, I'm not sure I would have been able to figure something like that out...actually I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to, so way to go!!

Not to sound like a broken record but I miss Mom too.

sheila said...

Wow, I'm late to this party but it's still pretty impressive. I probably would have whined a lot to Richard to make me one, although we're still waiting for the chicken coop to get built (both me AND Richard).