Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What's in a Name?

I need a name for my farm. I can't do pedigrees for my pedigreed rabbits until I have one. Please help me. This farm (when it was a much bigger farm) had a name. It was called Chistlehurst. I know this because I have been given some very old photos of this property. Chistlehurst is an area in England and it doesn't speak to me. Here are details and parameters:

1. It can't be animal specific because we have sheep, rabbits and chickens.
2. We both eat and use the products of our animals so it can't be called something fibre farm because that implies only harvesting wool... Besides, chickens don't have fibre.
3. We sell pure bred Buff Orpington chickens, pure bred but unregistered Icelandic lambs, meat rabbits and angora rabbits.
4. We also sell rabbit meat, wool, lamb and eggs.
5. It needs to be a mobile name because I do not own this property and my farm will likely move one day so it needs to not be area specific.
6. It has to not already be taken.

I liked the name Green Willow Pastures but no one else did. I like names that have to do with birds or trees - mostly trees. I like the name Ravenscroft or Ravenstoft but both of those are names of farms I know. Names of other farms I like are Daisyhill, Rainshadow, Green Croft Gardens, Tideview, Pineridge... I do not like the name 'Andrea's Farm'...heh

Anyways, please help!


Sarah said...

I'm sorry, I've been trying to think of things over the past few days. I feel ill equipped to help you. I can only think of silly names like the chortleton farm or something...I trust you to come up with something good.

Andrea said...

I'd love to hear even your silly names. Come on, people! Brainstorming means you just throw it out there and judge them later.

Laura said...

i too thought, i'll think about it and come back with an idea. today layne phoned me up and suggested the belly button angus farm. he was too shy to share it himself...

what about the bippypippyPIPpop farm?

or i'm talking to sarah just suggested via skype 'baa baa black sheep have you any hens' farm.

i'm afraid we excell in the silly names.

sheila said...

Chistlebottom Farm

Cheddarhurst Farm

Furbelow Farm

Enderby Place

Okay, so it's late. I can only do so much with so little. I actually like Chistlehurst, even if it doesn't speak to you. It's carrying on a certain something.

Ooh, my word verification is KINGUS

How about Kingus Farm?

I want credit if you use it. A leg of lamb once a year will do, lol.

(ducking and running right about now)