Friday, September 02, 2011

All Alone

So I have managed it. Andrew is in Kamloops. Rhiannon and Dean are camping with Rhiannon's friend and her dad. I am alone. My whole life, as the oldest of 12 children and someone who became a mom at 21, to be all alone is premium. The house is quiet. I have Skydiggers playing off of the computer. I am going to eat whatever I feel like whenever I feel like it. The sun is slowly fading from the sky. The house is a mess but I will slowly clean it and it will stay that way. And right now I am going to do whatever I feel like... now, what is that?


Laura said...

enjoy. i also love those nice quiet moments. now i always have them but i didn't used to. said...

Wow that sounds luxurious :D - not that you can really claim to have BEEN there for the whole mayhem of 12 missed most of the craziest twin years. I get your point though, I'm just being...cheeky.

Andrea said...

Well, I didn't say I lived with 11 siblings. And neither did you. haha. The most siblings I lived with was 8 unless you count the 11 days Sarah and I shared an address except she was in the hospital being born for part of that time.

Oh and crazy twin years? Hello! Where were you when Doug, John and Layne were all under the age of 5?