Tuesday, July 03, 2012


I am the oldest of 12 children.  I have a multitude of nieces and nephews whose place in my heart is pretty much immediate and guaranteed.  One of the things that endears them so immediately is how they remind me of my brother or sister when they were delightful children (at least, that is how I remember them now - at the time, I might not have experienced them that way... but its all good!)  Its different with those few I am aunt to because of marrying their uncle.  With those it is a relationship that has grown over time.

This past weekend I had the privilege of  attending my nephew's wedding, the son of Dean's sister.  It is actually because of his sister's children that we ever met.  Katherine and I became friends because Kaetlyn and Rebecca were friends and because of that, Scott and Eryn became friends.  Our children spent a lot of time together before they moved to Kamloops and they were like family before they actually became family.  The bonds forged in that time still hold.  Scott and Blake were Drew's first heroes. 

As I watched Scott making his vows to his beautiful bride, I couldn't help but remember the 10 year old boy in his pyjamas on the front walk in the evening light as his mother and I left to go out together somewhere fun.  I don't remember where we went; but I remember him there.  Such a sweet boy.  And a rascal.  I'm so proud of the man he has become.

And his older brother who was my main babysitter there as best man with his daughter (my great-niece!  I am an old woman!) as flower girl.  They have grown up into such fine men.  It brought tears to my eyes to see them standing up there, all grown up.  How did it happen?
Rhiannon with Auntie Katherine

Scott and Eryn
A beautiful wedding and so many emotions.  Mostly gratitude to be part of their lives in some small way.  Grateful for the friendship that Eryn has shared with Scott - grateful to see the affection they still have with each other.

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amyleigh said...

looks like a lovely wedding!