Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Summer Fun - A Photo Essay

Caleb purposely looking serious - our first summer visitor.  He was here for 3 weeks.  We loved it!

Caleb with the pups.  He's seriously a dog whisperer.  He totally gets how to train  and dominate a dog.  They love him.
Canada Day in Kelowna with Sarah and Kyle watching Redfish.  The obligatory maple leaf tattoo.  It was on for several days

Caleb jumping off the dock at Kal beach

Rhiannon jumping off the dock.  Those people seated there actually asked them to stop jumping there because they were splashing them.... hello?!  This is a dock.  On the lake.  In the summer.
supper at Jade Bay
Bozenka and I on my birthday.  Wonderful way to bring in my 48th year.

Ferry ride to sister fun (for me) and cousin fun (for her)

Sister bum shot from the condo.  I won't post the more deliberate one in which Sarah contorts herself in such a way as to make her entire torso disappear into a thin line balanced above her lower half.  Weird.  How do you do that? 
The top of Mount Washington.  Kindly Amy, Sarah and Katie waited for slow me.

Chairlift down.  Don't ask questions.

Group number 1 arriving at the meet up spot just after the bridge.

Hello!  No, that is not our mother - unless you mean that arm with the green golf shirt.

Supper at Kaloya - going for the after dinner hike around the penninsula
Part of the second wave of guests.  This is Mary and I having a special time.  Easy to please - just take her to Winners and let her try on ladies shoes...  and take pictures of her feet....

You have to admit, these are pretty cute.  Those don't look like no 9 year old feet, either.  Watch out Doug!

When you look at this picture, you must hear Mary saying in her crazy voice "I'm ONE TOUGH COOKIE!!"  Which is what the shirt says.

We did 2 sessions of dance camps.  Eryn and I did the younger one together and she mostly did the older one.  Fun.  For 2 weeks.  Gabe and Mary attended the younger one together along with Adriel and  Mary went to the older one, too.

Mary at the water park.

Wild man Gabe - the other half of our second wave of guests.
Doug, Delanie and some of the rest of their children came to pick up Mary and Gabe.  Here we are first night at Juniper Bay.  Mary and Noah.

Gabe doing the hula...
Mary jumping off the cliffs at Ellison the next day.  Brave girl!

Underwater shots with the camera I got for my birthday.

Josh, who even looks handsome and debonair underwater!

my handsome brother determining that there was no safe way for Noah to jump off the cliffs...

Delanie - back floater extraordinaire.
And then the dogs chewed up my cord for my camera so I can't charge it.  I need a credit card to order a new cord from Olympus so I have to make arrangements with some credit card owning friend.  I just didn't feel like going back to Rhiannon's old Kodak....

After Doug left, we had a couple of days to get ready for New Denver and then it was Abraham August.  We tent camped and then we luxury camped in a gorgeous cabin thanks to Ronni.  Meg came back with us for our third wave of summer guests and spent the rest of the month with us.  There were movies and the water slides and trail rides at O'Keefe and then the Family Reunion in spectacular Golden Ears Park.  And then Ronni was here, too and then there was Alexanders and lots of talking and some kitchen overhauling.

And then Kaetlyn left for Iceland and the IPE started....

It was a good summer.  It was a blur that whizzed by but I am pretty sure it was mostly good.


Laura said...

so nice to finally get an andrea blog! with pics too! sounds like a good summer. you can use my credit card to get the cord and then just email the money if you want. let me know.

Sarah-Lynn said...

Now I'm a little curious about this bum picture, but not to the point where you're allowed to show it online. It was a fun summer, and it flew by too fast. You should get a new td bank card, then you can buy things online and it comes out of your account. No need for credit cards.