Friday, September 14, 2012

September 14

Twelve years ago in the year of the dragon our little dragon came into the world, early in the morning.  My how things change
Kaetlyn and Rhiannon 2000
Fourth child and seven years younger than her nearest sibling, she has always been a force to be reckoned with!

Rhiannon and I taken with a very old webcam as we try to capture the difference in our eye colour - her blue, me green.
Benefits of homeschooling: practising violin in your pyjamas...

Dressed for a dance performance.  Beautiful girl.

Always a flair for her own fashion...
New Denver creek walking
Styling... she asked me to take this photo, she was so pleased with her 'look'.
Animal lover with baby Splash
Jumping at the beach with bff Megan

Playing the piano with Splash
Getting too cool....
My bud and travelling companion on the ferry summer 2012

With her Auntie Katherine at her cousin's wedding.  I do think they look alike!
I have been thinking lately about how fast childhood passes - that magical time in our children's lives.  Oh how I miss it!  Not my own, that is but that of my children - the innocence, the love, the creativity and the confidence.  All too soon they are teenagers, full of angst.  I look with longing at the photos of a younger Rhiannon - longing and fond remembrances.  Of course, I love the young woman she is growing into and I hope I can help her hang onto as much of that confidence as possible.  I just love having children in my life and she is the last of my own and it doesn't look like there will be grandchildren in my life anytime soon... 

Today Rhiannon is 12 and we are celebrating twelve years of Rhiannon.  Its going to be a party week!


Laura said...

happy birthday to rhiannon! i can't believe how fast she's growing up. it seems like just yesterday i was answering all her little kid questions.

Beth-a-knee said...

she was so cute, and now she's turning so beautiful. Tell her happy birthday from her Aunt!

amyleigh said...

The first time I remember meeting Rhiannon was on the houseboat when I had just graduated high school. She was so adorable and not the least bit shy and asked me and Bethany soooo many questions, lol. I agree with Bethany, she is turning very beautiful, body, mind and soul! Happy birthday from me too!