Wednesday, September 26, 2012


This song has been going through my head.  There sure have been a lot of changes around here.  Its shocking sometimes when Dean and I talk and consider that in January at the beginning of this year we were all together in Mexico - Eryn and Tyler, Kaetlyn and Nadia and Andrew and Chelle, and Dean, Rhiannon and I.  We had a fantastic time and we really enjoyed being a family there together.  And then just 2 months later, Kaetlyn was home again.  Her and Nadia split up.  And now she is off in Iceland for a year.  Too far to come home for holidays, that's for sure!

And then, shockingly and very abruptly Eryn and Tyler split up just over a year since their wedding and less than a year since their fantastic honeymoon.  Eryn wrote about it here.  By the end of October, if other plans don't happen, she will be moved in here to save money to leave in the spring and then she will be off on her own adventures.

And then on September 16 Andrew moved to Kamloops.  He and Chelle have moved into a basement suite of her grandmother's.   His plans changed several times and then bam he was gone.  I walked by his empty bedroom several times, leaving the door closed like he was still here...  When I finally went in, there were tears in my eyes... my boy...  I looked around at what he left behind - a homeschooling chemistry book, the end of one of my USB sticks he denied using, his desk, his box of memories...  Its good and its time for him to be out on his own and moving on with life's next experiences for him but I miss him.  There is something about having a son.   He was my helper and handyman from the time he was big enough to heft my suitcase which was bigger than him.  His is the biggest hole right now.  The one I am not used to.

And there you have it.  In 6 short months we went from being a family that required a place setting of 12 with lots of family events that everyone was at to suddenly me and Dean and Rhiannon knocking about in this big old farmhouse with too much room.  We could take the leaf out of the table. (except where would I pile all that stuff then, like ripening tomatoes and junk?)

Big changes.  Suddenly I am completely without handymen (Tyler was very handy and built me rabbit cages, fixed rabbit cages and did many other handy things and yes Dean is still here and no, Dean is not handy but he is many other great things).  Suddenly I have a daughter abroad and my son lives in a different city.   Suddenly it is very quiet around here for big stretches of time.  Things are still shifting.  Suddenly I have time to myself.  We'll see where it all ends up.


The Painted Lady said...

I hope you find ways to fill up all your extra time with wonderful fulfilling things. It must be quite an adjustment going from that many people around to so few.

Sarah-Lynn said...

It has been a big changing year for your family! Isn't it mind boggling how fast things can change? As I read about your changes, and your kids growing up it makes me worry about how fast that's going to be happening to me. I can help fill up some of your time!! (although I'm not so convinced that you have that much extra time what with your dance classes and all Rhiannon's lessons, and your farm and your garden...the list goes on...

Caroline said...

Ah yes, letting go...mine are years away from moving out, and yet I too am struggling with "letting go" and teaching them to be independent.

I did receive your email, thank you.

Will be thinking of your during your changes ;0)

Andrea said...

haha! Yes, I would agree, Sarah. I didn't mean I had extra time. Just time to myself to do the long list of things I do. I do have more time to do the things I want to do but there is a long backlog of things I want to do so I have absolutely no problem keeping busy!