Wednesday, August 07, 2013

New Denver 2013

This is our 6th year here at the Suzuki violin institute. The first year we camped as a family: Kaetlyn, Andrew, Rhiannon, Dean and I. Rhiannon was just 4, turning 5 a month later. That was the only year Dean was with us for the whole week. After that he would come for the weekend before and the weekend after to camp with us. One year Kaetlyn stayed for the week with Rhiannon and I. One year my Mom came which was probably the best time I've ever had with her in my life. Two years Ronni and Meg stayed with us and this year it is just Rhiannon and I. It's a bit lonely camping with a almost 13 year old. She has many friends at the institute and for the week she runs with 'the gang'. She hardly needs me in class at this point.

But it is beautiful and peaceful here. We brought Jodi and Jasmine with us so they keep me company and I have friends amongst the parents. I have time to blog! I've taught Jasmine to fetch in the water which she loves. I've been in the lake almost everyday.mi love Slocan lake! It is one of my all time favourite lakes. Time for contemplation, reading, journal writing...

Here are some photos of our week: Rhiannon's master class, Rhiannon and her friends reviewing in the camp gazebo and my Jo-dog chilling under the picnic table.

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