Thursday, August 08, 2013


It's hot tonight. The air in our campsite is stuffy and close. I get my bathing suit on again and take my two companions and walk to the beach.  I stop when I can see the lake through the trees. I love this view. The trees, the forest floor, the indescribable colour of the water, the blue and dark green of the mountain opposite. There is magic in it.

I slip quietly into the water and dive down into the dark blue green depths. Then I glide with just my head above the water, the water rippling molten gold around me.
 I glide almost silently through the water like a meditation. In that moment I am the golden water, the glowing sky, the dramatic mountains, the blue and purple hues in the opposite side of the valley where the sunlight has already faded.  This moment a prayer. This lake a sacrament I partake.

I sit lightly in the water with just my nose and eyes above the water and absorb the serenity and peace and incredible beauty of this place still so powerful and natural.  Even the dogs, my companions, are quiet in this magical moment.  I am aware of my body half floating in the water, my muscles and bones but in this moment I am not separate from this scene. I am one with the landscape.

Eventually I gather up my dogs and walk back towards camp. A light breeze comes up off the lake, the air soft and warm, a silken caress.

I go back and get the iPad to take pictures for you. I sit and use the new blogger application and write it right here in this spot. The light fades more from the sky. I am replenished again.


Deb said...

Incredibly beautiful. Love your soul. Thank-you for blessing all our lives with your perspective and experiences and for reminding us of the ever present opportunities for perfect peace that can be found in nature.

Laura said...

very poetic and just the way i have felt so many times.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing like nature to soothe the soul. That was beautiful. Love you.