Saturday, October 14, 2006

Lightening Up

New shoes are always symbolic to me. They symbolize stepping in a new way in the world. Shoes symbolize my personal power - how I move in the world and new shoes symbolize a refreshment of all of that. I have been wearing the same brand of runners for the last few years since I began walking again. My last pair are very worn out... So I decided to get something different. So, at Sport Chek yesterday evening, getting Rhiannon's soccer cleats for indoor soccer, I saw a wall of discontinued shoes. I tried on many different pairs. After all my knees have been through, how my runners fit is really important to me. I fell in love with these Adidas ClimaCool Revolutions. They are so comfortable. And the cool thing really works for my notoriously hot feet - there are vents in the bottom and when you walk, gushes of cool air push up on the sweaty bottoms of your feet. (I highly recommend them to fellow BFS sufferers)

So, enough about the shoes. As I walk freshly into my life with my 9.6oz runners, I am endeavouring to 'lighten up'. It is easy to get bogged down with all the 'stuff' of life. Winter is coming - less daylight, less money. Erin is struggling - really struggling - in Montreal. I'm struggling to get classes going at the Inner World School. So much stuff always going on with my family. We're still not unpacked fully from moving. My house is not how I want it. And I worry. (I had a birthday card once that said those born in July are not worriworts.. that is so not true of me!)

So time to lighten up. If I'm not having fun, there is no point. And happiness and joy allow me to flow with my life. Life is meant to be enjoyed. Worry and negative thinking only gets me stuck. Stuck, and it takes all my effort to do anything. I am so grateful to my friend, Bozenka, who is a good enough friend to kick me in the butt sometimes and tell me I need to lighten up.

So I am stepping lightly into my new life.


Lady of Light said...

Hi Andrea,

Very nicely written! Sometimes we all need a good boost and positive thinking to get us through those periods we dread. I'm born in July and I'm a bit of a worry wort too, lol. I can hear Laura saying, 'A bit is an understatement', lol. Oh well, we're special!

Lady of Light said...

I forgot to add, I love shoes! And handbags! said...

hey, I liked this post. it's definately a good reminder.